Anthony Pellicano
Honesty, Integrity, and Experience

Vote Anthony Pellicano for a Stronger, More Secure Community With a Proven Leader Committed to Protecting Sumter County and Improving Community Relationships

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Elect Anthony Pellicano for Sumter County Sheriff

This is the official website of Anthony Pellicano's campaign for Sumter County Sheriff. Anthony Pellicano is a proven leader with over 28 years of experience in law enforcement. He is running for Sheriff because he believes the community deserves a leader dedicated to making Sumter County a safe place to live and work. With his vast experience and proven track record, Anthony Pellicano is the right choice for Sumter County Sheriff.

A U.S. Army Veteran


Anthony Pellicano is a proud U.S. Army veteran who served his country with honor and distinction. During his time in the Army, Anthony learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, and commitment to a cause. These values have stayed with him throughout his career in law enforcement and will continue to guide him as Sheriff. With his military background, Anthony Pellicano will bring a unique perspective to the job, one that is rooted in a deep respect for the principles of service, duty, and sacrifice.

Focus on Community Safety

With his proven leadership and transparent attitude, Anthony Pellicano is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the Sumter County community. His focus on community safety is rooted in his extensive experience in law enforcement and his belief in the importance of building strong relationships between law enforcement and the community. As Sheriff, Anthony will work tirelessly to implement effective strategies to prevent crime and improve public safety.

Vote for Anthony Pellicano and his commitment to community safety. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.